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One of Dylan’s quotes that he wrote in Eric’s Yearbook

That long, deep sneer line by his nose tho..


Later she said, “I’ve had thousands of dreams about Dylan where I’m talking to him and trying to get him to tell me how he feels. I dreamed that I was getting him ready for bed, and I lifted up his shirt, and he was covered with cuts. And he was in all this pain, and I didn’t see it; it was hidden.” 

- Sue Klebold, Far From The Tree

oh my god


a dream..

Miles & miles of never-ending grass like a wheat. A forest, sunshine, a happy feeling in the presence, _Absolutely_ nothing wrong, nothing ever is, contrary 180° to normal life. _No_ awareness, just pure bliss, unexplainable bliss, The only challenges are no challenges, & then … BAM!!! realization sets in, the world is the greatest punishment. life.

—Dylan Klebold


Fuck me / Die me

The Many Goodbyes of Dylan Klebold (Part 2)

2 (poems) Fuck me / Die me

Soon I will be at peace I hope…

…wanna die and be free w/ my love… if..she even exists.

If by fate’s choice, [redacted] didn’t love me, I’d slit my wrist and blow up atlanta strapped to my neck. It’s good, understanding a hard road since my realization, but it get’s easier. BUT IT DOESN’T! That’s part of existence. unpredictable. Existence is pure hell and pure heaven all the same time.

I will go away soon, but I just had to write this to you, the one I truly loved. Please, for my sake, don’t tell anybody, as it was only meant for you. Also, please don’t feel any guilt about my soon to be “absence” of this world. It is solely _my_ decision: nobody elses.

I want to go to a new existence you know what I mean (Suicide? _y_) I have nothing to live for and I won’t be able to survive in this world after this legal conviction. However, if it was true that you loved me as I do you,…I would find a way to survive. Anything to be with you. I would enjoy life knowing that you loved me.

Well, I guess this is it — goodbye & I love(d) you.

This is probably my last entry. I love myself a close second to [redacted] my everlasting love. goodbye.

I hate this non-thinking stasis. I’m stuck in humanity. maybe Going NBK (gawd) w. eric is the way to break free. i hate this. Love You.

(Part 1)


Goodbye…Sorry to everyone..I just can’t take it…

The Many Goodbyes of Dylan Klebold (Part 1)

Goodbye, Sorry to everyone… I just can’t take it… all the thoughts… too many…make my head twist.. I must have happiness.. love, peace, ..goodbye..

I don’t fit in I’m thinking of suicide gives me hope, that I’ll be in my place wherever is after this life - that I’ll finally not be at war with myself, the world, the universe - my mind, body, everywhere, everything at PEACE - w/ me - my soul (existence)

That’s all for this topic…maybe I’ll never see this again…

oooh god, I want to die so bad…such a sad, desolate, lonely unsalvageable I feel I am…not fair NOT FAIR!!!

[redacted] can get me that gun I hope, I want to use it on a poor S.O.B. I know..his name is vodka, dylan is his name too. What else can I do/give..

I hate everything, why can’t I die..not fair.

No emotions. not caring yet another stage in this shit life. suicide…
Dylan Klebold

Soon I will be at peace I hope…

Abandonment. this room sux..wanna die

———————————————————————————— "He had a lot of pain - he told me that,” says his friend Sarah Slater, 16.



A wild Dylan bored and disinterest lumbers down the stage, soon returning to his nest.

RE-reblogs for trailbits FTW comment. ;)
Gotta keep the ‘Wild Dyl’ round robin going.

“Another one that really stuck with me was this girl who survived Columbine. See, “Wings of the Dope,” the episode where Luanne’s boyfriend comes back as an angel, aired two weeks after the shooting. About a month after that, I got a letter from a girl who was there and hid somewhere in the school when it was all going on. She said the first thing she was gonna do if she survived was tell a friend of hers she was in love with him. She never did. He ended up being one of the kids responsible for it. So you can imagine how - you know, to her, it felt wrong to grieve almost, and she bottled it up. But she saw that episode and Buckley walking away at the end and something just let her finally break down and greive and miss the guy. I remember she quoted Luanne - ‘I wonder if he’s guardianing some other girl,’ or something along that line, because she never had the guts to tell the kid. That really gets to people at Comic Con.”


Mike Judge

(Who do you think wrote the letter, and who do you think they were in love with, Eric or Dylan? Part of me thinks it could have been Devon Adams?)

Rampage by Nicole Dollanganger

It’s a song about Eric Harris and it’s literally the best ever.


Blackjack Pizza


Michelle Hartsough used to work with Eric and Dylan in the Blackjack Pizza. She was good friends with them and often heard them talk about wanting to blow up Columbine High School and kill jocks. She said that they both talked about a senior prank that was going to take place on April 20th,…






Dylan’s hands and enigmatic onyx ring. Always reminds me of this art..

Just a classic reblog for some beauty on my dash. ;)

omg i love his hands.

Imagine how they’d feel cupping your breasts.