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The Columbine Memorial

Columbine Related Deaths(non 4-20)


April 1988
Brian Stone, 15, son of John Stone; victim of suicide, may have been a student at CHS.

TCM associate Robert Malin Craig, 22, shot father and himself to death.

January 1999?
Ron Latin, a student at Columbine, had hanged himself about three months…

❝When we we read Shakespeare, he would always get the hidden meaning.❞

—a classmate about Dylan Klebold (via peoplearesounaware)



7 Portraits of Dylan Klebold

By: Robert Priseman

wow.. but that last one though, not quite right.

everythinginane: Not that I expect it to change much, but I can't agree. Dylan truly loved himself, and everything he said was in line with respecting his own introverted, mind-based nature, and hating the culture of power, greed, promiscuity around him. "zombies seek greed and acceptance." His fashion was expressing alienation. When I read his journal I see his endless attempts to express feeling left behind/out.. left to die, for his devotion. I can't understand how people can't see this. But thanks :)


Again, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts even though you seem a tad frustrated in conveying your point. :) I was wondering if you can describe how you’ve definitively reached your conclusion? I think where we might differ is that you believe Dylan loved himself as a constant, and that that had never stopped, whereas, I see him as loving himself but then over time, with all the noise going on around him, it was a slow rejection of self love and apathy. His journal is an evolution of coping mechanisms: expressing feelings of inadequacy, comparing himself to others that by contrast were the exact opposite of himself, the jocks, followed by an acute reactions of jealousy, hatred and, lastly, elevating himself as supreme against the archenemies that he could never hope to be. I could possibly see what you interpret as ‘loving himself’, as a form of remaining true himself, by way of an epiphany that since he could never be perceived or accepted as part of ‘humanity’ that he would then express self love by protecting his very being. The only way to do so would be, as he essentially put it, ‘to jump off the cliff and float away to the halcyons.’ To preserve the entity he was by deciding to opt out, to no longer play the game on the earth with others who didn’t understand him, his true nature. Is that where you are coming from in your conclusion that Dylan was unwavering and devoted to his true self, to loving himself in totality? If so, then it might be a matter of perspective and that we are coming from different semantic angles and arriving essentially at the same point. One thing is for certain, Dylan had many fascinating layers of complexity. I can’t really conclude that it’s either this way or that, black or white or a matter of either loving himself or not. It could just as easily be coexisting contradictions which is what makes him endlessly fascinating to me! If this isn’t where you are coming from, please do feel free to express what you mean. I’d be interested in your person interpretation. :) Feel free to post publicly or private.


The interior of the new, completed library. Everything looks completely different, even the chairs. The bookshelves that aren’t against the wall are all low enough to see over, unlike the old library’s rows of tall shelves.


tbh I’m really getting tired of the words “glorifying” and “condoning”
Like, why do I have to explain/justify my opinions to you?


"Six months before Columbine, Dylan and Devon were at a friend’s house, watching a movie when kids next door shined a laser light on them. Dylan, Devon, and their friend snuck up on the kids and flashed a halogen lamp in the window. They rounded out the night "spaze dancing", jumping up and down and listening to KMFDM or Nine Inch Nails." Columbine - A True Crime Story.